So New Year is almost here….. ;) :( ;( ;/ :) Many feelings

Again one more year yayyyyyyy!!!!! Lets start with positive feelings

right?….well my favorite things this year was fashion 2009 will be remember like the year We put on leggings and booties back in style.  Have to tell you something is an  estrange weather this december the 27 today.  No cold front in South Beach, the beach have been as hot as it was the beginning of sumer, some crazy rain sometimes and then the sun is out and about., But because that rain have been causing some crazy cold effect in the north east area of the US, so time for all the birds to fly south.

Anyway have been amazing specially for all the tourist that are traveling to the beautiful Miami and South Beach area….

The weather is really crazy, should we be concern? or just ignore nature and make the best of the season

No more about weather just wanna tell you all my fashion followers, that I use to not like Juicy Couture  and now I still thinking their CRAZY LOGO clothes still not my favorites….BUT their shoes OMG AMAZING ….specially at this time of the year when everything is on sale….remember is so many coupons online  like the ones with free shipping

Ok so  Health, prosperity and Happiness this 2010

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