The best makeup secret


Is well known that Koreans have a wonderful skin  always luminous and flawless, well one of their favorite products is  BB cream  which is a 2-in-1 cream, combining skin care and makeup. It goes on like a light foundation, but it has sunscreen, moisturizer, skin brightening, concealer and occasionally, stuff like ‘anti-wrinkle’ or ‘lifting’ cream.

In the USA some brands are offering BB cream like

Laneige Snow BB Essence Balm SPF 33  $34.50 at

Garnier Skin Renew, Miracle Skin Perfector, B.B. Cream $ 10

Smashbox ‘Camera Ready’ BB Cream SPF 35  $ 39

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 02 1.4 oz   $ 31

Have you tried BB cream yet? If yes please can you tell me which one is your favorite. I am on the processes of getting info and reviews in all of the ones available in the USA.

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