The amazing and help full makeup is such a great toll to make us feel prettier or younger or just playful fun …  I love talking to my awesome makeup artist  friends, they always have a new good tip for me and I love to share that info with you. Is always a few steps that you need to follow to create the perfect look, never use to much, that maybe good for TV and Movie starts but not regular folks like us

  1. ALWAYS Moisturize, this is so important for the health of your skin, NEVER miss this step
  2. Sunscreen…Really this one is a plus  NEVER EVER GO OUT WITHOUT THIS ..
  3. Use a foundation That truly match your skin if you are over 35 a foundation  with yellow undertones will give you  skin a pretty  warm glow.  Apply foundation with a sponge damp in water, It will make the application lighter and to look more natural.
  4. USE AND EYELASH CURLER…this is so important it gives your lashes a je ne sais quoi that is great for your eyes  ( You can always wear fake lashes, they take a little bit of time to put on, but o boy they always looks so awesome)
  5.  Apply a  translucent powder with light-diffusing pigments  for a flawless, glowing complexion.   One of my friend recommend Estee Lauder Cyber White Brilliant Perfection full spectrum powder makeup # 07 Cool Cashmere …Let me tell you is a little bit expensive so I will continue on my search for an affordable but truly good one.
  6. Apply Blush according to your face shape, This one will take me another post I am trying to get the best easy way to help you find your right shape tutorial.
  7. BROWS …This is such and important part don’t ever underestimate the power of well trim and perfectly arrange pair of brows. I always try to match my hair color or a pen a  lil bit  lighter.  Always remember a little bit can go a long way.
  8. MASCARA…get the one that  is right for you if you want more volume or if you only want to get the right length ..They are so many choices out there now and in so many shades, My fav. is purple for brown eyes.
  9. Eyeliner is one of those MUST things it really gives so much life to your eyes,  If young any color will be perfect for over 35 a brown eyeliner will give you a softer look.

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